K'Nex Gravity Powered Clock

This is a gravity powered clock that I built in the summer of grade 11. It uses a weight attached to string that goes through a pulley system and into a gearbox at the base of the tower. The gearbox provides a series of reductions to slow down the falling weight and increase the torque on a chain that runs upwards towards the driving sprocket of the clock. The sprocket’s rotation rate is controlled by a swinging pendulum with an easily adjustable length. In it’s prime, the clock could keep accurate time for 16 minutes before the weight hit the ground. These are a few photos of various components of the clock.

I also have a video of the clock working, but younger me had no idea how to record a video. It was taken well before I ever thought I'd have a website, this page is mostly just to show friends when I inevitably talk about my K'Nex addiction.

I started with K'Nex when I was about seven and have always loved building things with it. I’ve received about 10 different K'Nex kits over my lifetime as gifts, all of which had different types of motors and other special pieces that enabled me to build all sorts of contraptions throughout my childhood.

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